Sunday, February 27, 2011


Finally something came out from the kiln exactly as I planned! I 'm very pleased with these and they could be worth for a full series.

Some of the set broke their (too thin) handles during the bisque firing and became garden pots. I'll do it again better.

Soap holders

Varpunen ja varpunen

My cat Varpunen (Sparrow) inspecting the bowl with a drawing of a sparrow.
This time I was testing an underglaze pencil which I found lying around the studio(and first of all thought it was just a regular pencil).
For the outside I mixed brown and black underglazes and the whole thing was covered with a low burn clear glaze in the end. This glaze didn't come out even as you can see on the second picture.

The search for a bottle shape gives birth to little vases

I saw amazing simple plates with brown smudged rim and cream glaze, at the studio and asked the maker, Revital, how she done it.

Now I'm in love with this decorating technique. The trick is to use black underglaze and to put the glaze straight on it (without burning the color first). This gives the element of surprise when the color is blurred and it also gives warm tone to the glaze.

Scraffito cups

bowls with chrystal glazes