Monday, April 24, 2017

Keramiikka Rykmentin Kevätmyyjäiset la 13.5. klo 11-15

Keramiikka Rykmenttiläiset ovat alkuvuodesta pistäneet hyrskynmyrskyn. Hyllyt ja kaapit on myllerretty sekä tilat laitettu uuteen järjestykseen. Suursiivous on vihdoin loppusuoralla, niinpä voimmekin kutsua ystävät kylään.

Kevätmyyjäisistä löytyy käsintehtyjä ja persoonallisia arjen sulostuttajia sekä lahjoja kevään ja kesän juhliin. Tarjolla raikasta juotavaa -tule nostamaan malja kaikille äideille!

Lauantaina 13.5. klo 11-15 osoitteessa Miehistönkatu 5, Hämeenlinna


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Product development -plates, Spring 2017, 3/3

Small geometric serving plates set. The shapes are freely cut from rolled slaps. Next step is to make templates and make bigger ones too.

Product development -plates, Spring 2017, 2/3

I found some worn out metal plates in the fleamarkets and I desided to give them another life in clay. I simply cut the outlines on a rolled slap and press it on the metal plate. From that came prototypes for Aarre² (Treasure²) series. I love this silky shiny white glaze, it reminds me of mint candies. I leave the back unglazed and don´t clean up the dribbles. The deeper plate proved to be perfect for pasta!

Product development -plates, Spring 2017, 1/3

I started the year in the studio by doing what ever came to my mind. I wanted to have fun and experiment a bit before "serious" work. So I made small series of handmade tableware. The first set came from my own need for small (sandwich/cake) plates.  I used disposable paper plates in the making for keeping them stackable. Took this bunch home for everyday-use testing and the glaze already cracked. The clay I used for these was recycled mixture, so this glaze might might still with work with another mass. Next is to test different combinations of stonewares and clear glazes. On the engobe decoration I prefer the "less is more"-ones. Will definitely continue on this style of layering brush strokes.

Here´s a great guide for for slab-built plates:

Guerrilla tiles Israel 2