Sunday, April 2, 2017

Product development -plates, Spring 2017, 1/3

I started the year in the studio by doing what ever came to my mind. I wanted to have fun and experiment a bit before "serious" work. So I made small series of handmade tableware. The first set came from my own need for small (sandwich/cake) plates.  I used disposable paper plates in the making for keeping them stackable. Took this bunch home for everyday-use testing and the glaze already cracked. The clay I used for these was recycled mixture, so this glaze might might still with work with another mass. Next is to test different combinations of stonewares and clear glazes. On the engobe decoration I prefer the "less is more"-ones. Will definitely continue on this style of layering brush strokes.

Here´s a great guide for for slab-built plates:

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