Saturday, April 9, 2011

In the beginning

These are the first bowls and cups that I manage make with the wheel. It took a really long time before I had something worth to put in the kiln. Just centering the clay seemed impossible. It was also frustrating to see others develop faster. For the first ones I gave nickname "elephant legs" for their weight.

It took about a year for me to finally understand how to make good pieces, thin and even. It was actually when I came back to the studio after quitting my troubling job and a months holiday in Finland. My head was clear and I myself was centered enough to give orders to the clay instead the clay ruling me. Now I love to add layers to this basic knowledge -different ways to position my body and the small technical details of giving the shape for lump of clay.

I may not be a natural born potter but a stubborn one! :)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kaamos -Winter's Sun

I got inspired by a winter scenery photo that a friend of mine took on one of the days the sun don't rise up from the horizon in Rovaniemi.

I tried to replicate the colors first with underglazes on tumblers and then with glazes (except the orange line and interior) on bowls.

The tumblers got more near to the feeling of the pic and I also like their organic shape.