Monday, May 9, 2016

Bombing Hämeenlinna

Work in progress_Spring 2016

With a baby-boss in the hands I had to think what kind of work to do with the limited time. I´ve had  ideas about ceramic street art and now is the perfect chance to make it happen. The tiles are easy and fast to make and will not suffer from the constant interruptions. I can also place them while strolling with the baby.
I´m testing different stoneware masses and want to make some also from porcelain. Part of the tiles  are covered with engobe and on them scratched different patterns and images. To attache the tiles I´m using silicon glue that they will be also easy to remove if needed.

I started with the classic "star and cross" tiles (in my case star and x) that blend nicely with the background.

I wanted also to develop "neutral" tile (without a  historical background), so I chose basic circle shape. It´s endless fun to try out different combinations.
This is where I ended up inspired by the extreme changes of sunlight in Lapland.

Adding some old test pieces to the play created a dragon.