“Time and space -layer by layer we leave behind marks and meanings. We reach over years and cultures, trying to understand them and ourselves at the same time.”
I´m a material-based artist and the history is my primary source of inspiration. I often combine three dimensional elements with illustration -due to my education both in graphic design and ceramics. Handbuilding and decorating are my field of expertise. I seek for perfection in the techniques and for beauty in the imperfection.

I´m currently focusing in ceramic street art and street art inspired ceramics.  I place tiles made from stoneware, porcelain and local earthenware on smudged city surfaces -the graffitis and tags become part of the composition. The history of ceramics is intertwining with the history of public spaces, architecture, walls and floors. Using ceramics in street art is a contemporary addition to the tradition. It is also widening up the esthetics and the idea of what street art can be. 

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