Monday, February 27, 2012

Coiled pots

The assignment was to do a large earthenware coiled pot that would be minimum 50 cm height in the raw state. I took inspiration from anthropoid coffins that  I came across in the israeli museums. The work went fast specially when making the coils with a clay extruder. When waiting for the layers to dry to hold the weight of next coils I made on the side another pot. The second pot I left slightly under the asked measurement and the coils-structure showing. For it I first added a lively white engobe coating with sponge and then a srayed white claze on it. The inside glazing was challenging because of the size of the pieces. The right way to do it is to pour some glaze inside and slowly pour it out while turning the pot around. The wrong way is to not have patience and to make a big mess on the side that not supposed to have any glaze. So the coffin inspired pot is unglazed on the outside (in theory) with a clear glaze inside. When I wiped out the spilled glaze I made sure to have it equally messy around the pot to have an even result.