Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Plaster moulds and casting clay working process

For the  plaster wheel mission I chose to make a goblet. This was a very educating since the leg was extremely hard to do, because I wanted it to be  thin. The leg-model reguired metal structure for support and to be build layer by layer.
When  I finally got to make the first half of the mould from the model, plaster managed to leaked to the other side. In this point I let the leg project to rest for a month and concentrate just in the cup part. The cup I designed to be used also individually and as part of another misson I carved an ear out of plaster for it .
When enogh time passed I was ready to see if the leg model still could be saved. First I managed to separate the model from the mold, then I started carefully to carve the unwanted plaster off the surface. In the end I managed to make a full mould out of a catastrophe.
Now the challenge is to manage to cast a straight coblet, but that is another story.

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